Email discussion list

The CRSI listserv provides a forum for discussion and circulation of academic notices, calls, publications, etc.  Membership is free and open to all scholars and graduate students interested in our network themes.  For an explanation of these themes, see What do we do?  As of March 2019, we have upward of 170 members around the world.  The listserv and its archive are hosted by JiscMail.

How to join

Email the network coordinator, Dr Alex Henley ( with your university affiliation and position, and a very brief statement of your interest in the network's themes.


The email list operates as a private group, so messages and message archives can only be viewed by subscribed members.  This is intended to promote free discussion and debate; please do not quote list messages anywhere else without the individual's permission.

How to post

Simply email or reply to an existing thread.  There is no moderation process, so your message will send directly to the whole list.  If you want list members to be able to email you off-list, you should include your own email address in your message.  Note that you can only send messages from the same address with which you subscribed to the list.

How to view archived messages

Past messages are accessible to subscribed members at  You will need to create a login for the JiscMail website by clicking on Get Password.

How to change your settings

Subscription settings can be changed (e.g. to switch to a daily digest if you feel you are receiving too many emails) through the list webpage at  Once logged in (you can create a login by clicking on Get Password), go to Subscriber's Corner in the top banner and then click on Settings next to the CRSI list name.  If you have any problems or questions, you can contact the network coordinator ( or the JiscMail helpline for technical issues (

How to unsubscribe

Simply click the unsubscribe link at the bottom of any list email.